Elina Svitolina in the quarter-final of Wimbledon 2023, UK
Elina Svitolina in the quarter-final of Wimbledon 2023, UK | (Photo by Robert Prange/Getty Images)

Tennis | Wimbledon 2024 | Day Eight Talking Points: Elina Svitolina sombre in victory after attacks on Ukraine, Lorenzo Musetti talks about childhood

By Tony Fairbairn at Wimbledon

  • Elina Svitolina was sombre in victory as she paid tribute to her home country, Ukraine
  • Lorenzo Musetti spoke about his childhood and journey to being a tennis player after reaching Wimbledon quarter-finals.
  • Alexander Zverev gives injury update after five set defeat to Taylor Fritz
LONDON, ENGLAND – Elina Svitolina paid an emotional tribute to Ukraine after reaching the Wimbledon quarter-finals on day eight.


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Elina Svitolina pays tribute to Ukraine after reaching Wimbledon quarter-finals

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The day eight talking points start on a sombre note as Elina Svitolina was highly emotional after her victory over Xinyu Wang.

A comfortable win for Svitolina sealed her passage into the last eight for a second year in a row and will now play former champion Elena Rybakina next.

However, that win was a rare positive for Svitolina who had to endure more heartbreak from Ukraine as there was another attack on the country.

An attack on an hospital in Kyiv saw more deaths in the country as Svitolina just about managed to focus on the task at hand.

Speaking after the match Svitolina explained it was a difficult day for her and explained she still has family there.

“Yeah, it’s incredibly sad day today for all Ukrainians. It was really difficult for me to really be here in a way and do anything,” a downbeat Svitolina said in her press conference.

“I just wanted to be in my room, just be there with my emotions, with everything. You know, when you have these sad days where you don’t want to do anything, it was this kind of day for me. It’s difficult really to explain, I guess, because of course for us Ukrainians, it’s very close to our heart and very sensitive topic, very sensitive emotions that we feel every single day.

“But today was one of the days where it was even more difficult because the missile landed on the hospital, the kids’ hospital. Straightaway you see the images and everything that happened there. So many kids lost their lives. Yeah, it’s extremely tough day today.

“Yes, I have my family there. My dad just was there for a couple of weeks to see my grandmother. I have my uncle. His family is there. I have many friends there. Pretty much everyone is based in Ukraine. I have contact pretty much every single day. I’ve been talking, yeah, on a daily basis with Sergiy Stakhovsky as well. I guess you guys know him. Also a well-known name in tennis. He’s helping a lot with my foundation. He’s my close friend.

“It was nice to hear from him and hear also what is really happening. To not only find out the news from the media, but also from my friends and family. Yeah, it’s nice to hear their voices. Of course, sad voices, but in a way it still warms my heart when I speak with them.”

A tough day for Svitolina as she displayed her bravery and courage in order to even play today, wearing a black ribbon during the match.

One of the main reasons for Svitolina playing was to be able to use her platform to speak up on the atrocities and the Ukrainian spoke about this after her win.

“Yeah, of course this is one of the things that motivated me today, was just I have to put my head down and show up and do my best, my very best. Every Ukrainian is using their own way to raise awareness, to raise money, to help in every possible way they can,” Svitolina explained.

“My way is through tennis. This what’s really motivated me today to do something. I tried to be focused on my job, tried to be focused on what I can control. Just do what I can in a way. I’m playing, of course, such an amazing event as Wimbledon.

“I have to also think about how I can use that in a way for Ukrainian people. At least with my win today, it was a small light that brought a happy moment for Ukrainian people. I got so many messages today. The people are thankful for my performance, for my win today. Of course, it’s brings me a lot of, let’s say, joy in a way of this sad day.”

It’s certain that Svitolina brought joy to her home country as she braces herself for a second consecutive Wimbledon quarter-final.

Now Svitolina looks ahead to a showdown with former champion Rybakina and the Ukrainian is feeling confident in her game heading into Wednesday’s clash.

“Yeah, I’ve been feeling quite well on the courts of Wimbledon,” Svitolina stated.

“Been striking the ball extremely well. I think every match I’ve been improving, playing better and better. Serve been working quite well, as well. So yeah, it’s going to be another big battle in the quarterfinal.

“Played Elena a couple of times already so I know what to expect. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit of a better day regarding the spirit-wise. Yeah, just try to work on the things that I have to use against her and go from there.”



Lorenzo Musetti spoke about his childhood ahead of the Wimbledon quarter-finals

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Next up its time to hear from Lorenzo Musetti after the Italian defeated lucky loser Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard in order to reach the last eight.

Now the Italian prepares for a last eight showdown with Taylor Fritz as he produced some impressive returning today.

After the match Musetti spoke about being emotional on court and described his childhood as he owes everything to his family.

“Yeah, they always protect me in a certain way. I mean, I speaking personally. Family always believe me, kept me, let’s say, always with a positive mindset on my future,” Musetti explained.

“They weren’t making almost never doubts on my future, on what I was doing. They always supporting me. Even if they are not here, especially my parents, they’ve been following me from home since I was literally a kid. They made, true, a lot of sacrifice. You understand probably when you have a certain age. Now all the sacrifice that we have done as a family are paying off. That’s why I was so emotional after my win on court today.

“Yeah, I mean, this sport for traveling you have to be, I don’t want to say rich, but there are a lot of expenses to, let’s say, invest in this sport. Let’s say my family didn’t have that possibilities. Of course, I was good enough to find sponsor, and also the federation, who gave me a lot of help in terms of economical, let’s say, reason.

“Also my family were always there, always supporting with my coach, Simone. We have been together since I was eight, nine. It’s been more than 11, 12 years. It’s something really rarely on the tour. Also my mother was always taking me like a taxi driver. I was born in Carrara. We practice in La Spezia.

“It’s 40 minutes every day by car. I know probably in London it’s not that much. A small village like Carrara, 30 minutes to go, 30 minutes to come back for somebody who was working was a huge sacrifice. I really appreciate that help from my parents.”

Musetti owes his family a lot of his career as the Italian is into a maiden quarter-final at Wimbledon and continues his Grand Slam dream.


Alexander Zverev provides injury update after five set heartbreak

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It’s heartbreak for Alexander Zverev as the German let a two set lead slip as he lost to Fritz in five sets.

Some of Zverev’s loss was because of a knee injury he suffered against Cameron Norrie in the previous round.

After the match Zverev provided an update on his injury but provided no excuses for his defeat.

“I know what it is. I did an MRI yesterday. I have a bone edema in my knee, then I have also a tear in my capsule in my knee,” Zverev explained in medical terminology.

“That came from the fall. That came from the match against Norrie. Bone edema, bone bruising, whatever. I don’t know the terms in English, to be honest. Something with the bone. So it is quite painful for that period of time. It is nothing that I need surgery on. It is nothing that doesn’t heal by itself. It just needs time. I do know that also I had a great opportunity here at Wimbledon. I didn’t want to pull out. Yesterday I couldn’t practice at all. Yesterday I couldn’t walk even.

“Today I felt much, much better. That’s why I did try to play. I also knew I did have a great opportunity this year at Wimbledon. It’s the best I’ve probably ever felt on the Wimbledon courts, the best maybe I’ve ever played here. I definitely didn’t want to go out without fighting. At the same time I was limited. It is how it is.

“I’m still proud of what I could do today. I think I got the maximum out of it, of what I could do. That’s okay, as well. I have to move on.”


Jelena Ostapenko speaks about increased confidence and maturity

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The final word goes to former Roland Garros champion Jelena Ostapenko as the Latvian moved into the quarter-finals with a convincing win over Yulia Putintseva.

Speaking after the match Ostapenko pointed to an improved confidence and maturity for her recent form.

“I think I’m probably more confident and more mature on the court this tournament especially,” Ostapenko claimed.

“I kind of know what I have to do, and I’m doing it quite well, especially in deciding moments. I’m just doing the things that I’ve been doing before, like when I won French Open, when I was back in top 10. Yeah, I feel like I’m doing those things better than before.”



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