Ricky Burns Joins Warren Exodus

By Mark Whalley

Frank Warren’s bad week turned into a disastrous one with the news that Scottish WBO lightweight champion Ricky Burns has left his stable.

This latest blow came just days after the announced defection of “Saint” George Groves to rival promotion Matchroom Boxing.

The Burns camp has been fiercely critical of Warren following the news that his proposed fight on March 16th with Miguel Vazquez had been cancelled.

Officially, Vazquez picked up an injury, but rumour has it that Warren had not finalised terms with the Mexican champion.

The move reignites the speculation about a showdown for Burns with brash American Adrien Broner, despite the Scotsman turning down offers in the past.

It is assumed that, given Broner’s status in the US, that the proposed deal would heavily favour the Cincinnati native – something Burns will feel he does not need to accept given his own achievements.

Broner’s view is that Burns is running scared – something the two of them have “discussed” on Twitter numerous times.

With Burns’ schedule now clear, the time appears right to build towards that fight; not to do so would bring into question Burns’ ambition to be seen as a great in Scottish boxing.

Regardless of whether he agrees a match-up with Broner, British fight fans will hope this latest development will speed up Burns’ return to the ring.

We have been denied seeing one of our best fighters for too long now.