Product Review | The Billie Jean King Eye Coach – Your Fastest Way to Better Tennis

By Hugo Allen

  • Product Review of the Bille Jean King Eye Coach by guest contributor Hugo Allen
LONDON, ENGLAND – Guest contributor and Managing Director of Connected Clubs,  Hugo Allen joins us ahead of a tour to promote the Billie Jean King Eye Coach



It’s a New Year and naturally resolutions swirl about – they may be to get fit again, or they may be to improve your existing skills. For tennis players, of all levels, the Billie Jean King Eye Coach is the perfect way to keep your hand-eye co-ordination sharp, or to help hone those skills for young and developing players. Even the more ‘mature’ beginners can see a benefit. Connected Clubs are on a mission to help tennis players of all levels improve their skills, and have shared their review of the Billie Jean King Eye Coach with us.


What is the Billie Jean King Eye Coach?

If you are looking to take your tennis to the next level in 2017 look no further than the Billie Jean King Eye Coach. Put simply, it is a point of contact system stops players head shifting on the point of contact,  which in turn strengthens the kinetic chain and reduces mishits. Through an extensive study and over 1000 hours of footage former pro Lenny Schloss discovered that at least 70% of players shift their heads to look at the target too early. Now we have a solution.

The study also showed that players can only make effective use of instruction when the ball hits the sweet spot. Therefore by using the Eye Coach your coaches existing instruction is at least 40% more effective. From statistics produce by ATP analyst Craig O’Shanassey we know that the average length of rally at every level of the game is 4 shots and 75% of points end in an unforced error. This makes tennis frustrating and is the main reason why the sport is shrinking. Billie Jean King and the Eye Coach team are on a mission to help coaches stop their players head shifting and dramatically increase the rate of game development.


What are the benefits?

Within 30 minutes of using the Eye Coach a player’s balance can be restored and miss hits will be reduced by at least 30%. For every inch closer to the sweet spot a player hits they will gain 10mph extra on their shots. The results truly are remarkable and the best way to see this is to experience it for yourself.


How can we find out more?

The founder of the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Lenny Schloss (former top 10 American Pro) and Hugo Allen (UK Coach) will be running training in the UK and Europe between 5-19th January.

They are on a global mission on behalf of Billie Jean King to grow tennis and want to share the secret to better tennis with as many coaches as possible. We now have a ball delivery system called the Billie Jean King Eye Coach Point of Contact Training system which can guarantee improvement in just 15 minutes.

There will be events in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. We would love to meet with you either at an event or at our club if it is on our route.


Events & How to Book

6th January – Training in Brive and Lyon
7th January – Training in Geneva and Milan
8th January – Training in Seefeld and Stuttgart
9th January – Training in Amsterdam and drinks reception in Brussels
10th January – Training in Brussels and drinks reception in Paris
11th January – Training at Gosling UK
12th January – Training at National Tennis Centre London and Hurlingham Park
13th January – Training at Milton Keynes UK
14th January – Drills course at Gosling UK
15th and 16th January – Training in Oslo
17th January – Training in Budapest
18th January – Training at Batchwood UK

To view all events please visit: Training Map and click on each pin for more information and to book.