Formula 1: 5 things we learned in the Malaysian GP

By Lara Seychell

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – The Malaysian Grand Prix was one of the most eventful races so far this season! Daniel Ricciardo came out victorious, with Max Verstappen in second and Nico Rosberg in third. So what were the five main points of this Grand Prix?


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What was at stake coming into this Grand Prix?

The Malaysian Grand Prix was set to be a thriller. Rosberg was on fire, having previously won the past three races, while Lewis Hamilton needed to get back in gear and recover the eight-point deficit behind his teammate. This race could have also seen Mercedes win the Constructors’ World Champion. But was this the case? Let’s have a look!


The start

Hamilton finally managed to have a decent start and managed to keep first position by the first corner. On the other hand, his teammate Rosberg had a terrible first corner as he came in contact with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel (who had to retire) ended up spinning, and found himself at the back of the pack.

Early on in the race

A virtual safety car following Romain Grosjean’s retirement saw Max Verstappen pit early on, which then gave him the lead when Hamilton pitted on Lap 20. However, the youngster went into the pits again and from then on, it looked like an easy win for Hamilton.


Hamilton’s retirement

Unfortunately for the Brit, as he was cruising to victory, the unexpected happened. An internal combustion engine failure on Lap 43 meant that the leader of the race had to retire. On the radio, as the flames from the back of the car were visible, a very disappointed Hamilton said “Oh no, no!”

Points Difference

Hamilton’s unlucky race also saw Rosberg advance through the pack and finish in third place, resulting in him getting some vital points for the title race. In fact, Nico now leads the championship by 23 points ahead of his teammate with only five races left this season. Today’s result also meant that Mercedes did not win the Constructors’ Championship ahead of their main sponsor’s home race!


Japanese Grand Prix

The teams now fly to Japan for the next race which will be held in just seven days’ time. Luckily for Hamilton, this is one of his favourite tracks, but he will technically need to win all the upcoming races to definitely secure his fourth title. Can he do it? We’ll have to wait and see, knowing that the last few races of the season will be crucial in terms of reliability and mistakes.


The Japanese Grand Prix takes place between 7 & 9 October.