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How much will Murray and Federer look forward to Nadal’s return? On one hand he is a great player and someone else who can win titles – they both struggle to beat Nadal.  On the other hand, the draws are significantly lopsided without Nadal. Without offense to David Ferrer, the top four are on a different level and when one of them doesn’t play, especially in the slams, the number one seed tends to have an easier route to the final.

What could have been? If Murray had taken those break points in the second set?  Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

Djokovic was the better player today.  The real question is not what could have happened today, but how much did the difference in semi-final work outs play a part?

Game Set Match Championship Novak Djokovic!

* denotes next server

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 6-2 Murray

Any chance of nerves from The Djoker? Well maybe, Murray makes him play a tough volley which he paddles into the net.  Then Djok goes the wrong way and hits the ball straight at Murray who hits a superb pass. 0-30.

So close to be 0-40, as Murray hits a desperate lob which Djok smashes into the net cord and it dribbles over onto Murray’s side of the court.  But it’s 15-30 instead and Djok takes confidence from that making Murray run and run until finally he can’t get one.  A netted passing shot makes it 40-30 and championship point…..

Game Set Match Championship Novak Djokovic!

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 5-2 Murray

Djokovic seems content to give Murray this one and serve it out in the game And he seems to be enjoying himself now, a nice little drop shot and a thunderous winner makes it 40-30 but he is going for winners or bust and that yields Murray the game.  Djokovic to serve for the championship.

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 5-1 Murray *

To add insult to injury, a dodgy call interrupts a point that Novak had almost given up on.  A challenge shows Murray’s show was in, and though they have to replay, the Scot wins it anyway.

At 0-30,is the comeback on?

No is the answer.  A mix of heavy hitting and serving wins Novak four straight points and the game.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 4-1 Murray

This one could be over fast folks.  Two Murray errors make it 0-30. Tribute to the Scot though, he’s not going down without a fight and sticks in the next two rallies long enough for Djok to miss, to make it 30-30. A first serve makes it 40-30 and then adv Murray after a Djoc smash winner.

Bad to worse for Murray – a ball comes loose from his pocket to interrupt the next point. That’s a warning for Murray, the next time it happens he loses point –exactly what happened to him at Wimbledon.

Back to Deuce with an elegant Novak drop shot – this game is officially make or break for Murray.

The next shot sums up this match as a whole. Murray on the attack all the way through but it keeps coming back, and usually back to the baseline.

Oh dear oh dear – double fault.  It’s hard to blame Murray there.  Novak played brilliantly, and was doing to Murray’s second serve what Eden Hazard does to ball boys……

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 3-1 Murray *

Right boy-o, it’s go time.  Murray has yet to break Djokie’e serve – can he start now?

Well the gods aren’t going to help, Djok plays a rare drop shot which hits the net cord and trickles over.

Maybe Djok will help and self-implode? Well neither player are helping themselves, as a Novak error makes it 30-30 but then Murray nets himself and then goes long on a second serve return.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 2-1 Murray

A double fault at 15-15 puts Andy in some trouble. Suddenly opportunities are coming on both players’ serves.  That’s just to good from the Serb – Andy can’t find a first serve and Djokovic pushes him this way and that before a sizzling forehand winner. 15-40 and two break points.

The Scot saves the first with a rare first serve but they go toe-to-toe at 30-40 and Djokovic’s defence is just too good, Murray eventually nets.

Is the fat lady warming up her vocal cords?

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 1-1 Murray *

Murray gets an opening at 0-15 and then Novak uncharacteristically hits an easy winner long. 0-30.

Novak gets back into the game and a long Murray ground stoke brings it back to 30-30. But Murray keeps battling and a late Novak forehand lands in the tramlines. First break point for Murray since the beginning of the second set but he plays tentatively on a good first serve and it lands long.  Djok follows that up with another two good first serves to win the game from break point down.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 0-1 Murray

Murray needs a good start here and he doesn’t get it. A good first serve but goes for too much on the next shot, narrowly missing.

Oh-oh; a divine backhand from  Djok makes it 0-30.

A good first serve from Murray makes it 15-30. Murray is still hitting good shots but they are just all coming back – this time Murray takes a leaf out of Novaks book and scrapes the baseline with a forehand. Djokie challenges to no avail so back to 30-30 and Murray misses wide on the next point. 40-30 and this would be a crucial hold.  This is a game of centimetres at the moment and Murray misses wide one the next by a fraction.

Novak then puts a great shot on a good Murray approach and Murray has to stretch every sinew to make the winning volley. Game Murray – how big will that hold prove to be?

Murray does not seem in a good way physically or mentally.  He is spending the break arguing with the umpire.

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 6-3 Murray *

The Djoker is serving for the third set, good first serve wins him the first point.

Murray hits another net cord on the second point and though it drops in, it sits up nicely for Djok who then puts away the ensuing volley. 30-0.

A failed challenge from Muzz on the next serve makes it 40-0 and 3 set points.  And Murray’s return is out. Game and second set Djokovic!

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 5-3 Murray

Another super rally, 36 shots, great shots from both men. Eventually Djokovic says “I’ve had enough of this” and wallops a forehand into the corner. 0-15.

A Murray drop shot lures Djok into the net but the passing shot doesn’t win it and Murray tries to volley the next one himself and misses.


Even more now, Djok has stepped it up, hitting a forehand winner for 0-40.

Djok nets the first one but has two more. Will we see the first break of the match?  Djok misses the next one with a mishit – two break points saved…. 30-40.

But Murray could not save the third! Again no first serve, and Murray hits the net cord and the ball bounces back onto his own side.

Where has that game face gone! Murray needs it back, fast!

Oh good, Castle is back on feet……

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 4-3 Murray *

Murray in both the first two points but does long each time when trying to force the issue. 30-0 and a little subdued inside the Rod Laver Arena. But that’s better, Murray mixes it up beautifully and gets in position to hit a cross court winner. But then it had to be from there. 30-15.  Too good from Nole there though, a crunching backhand from Novak into the corner – not far from where Murray was stood but couldn’t get close to it. And game for Novak there.  Murray was in a lot of those points but likewise he couldn’t finish Djokie off.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 3-3 Murray

Good serve from Murray gives him 15-0, easy points are just what he needs right now.  That was a bit tougher but Murray is still holding his own from the back of the court, and Novak nets and then goes long for 40-0.

I was joking before about playing for the tie-break but maybe I was dead on.  Both players have dropped their levels and energy.   But from 40-0n to 40-30 with a couple of booming Novak ground strokes but a service winner gives murray the game.

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 3-2 Murray *

Better from Murray, much better. Some heavy hitting and Djok slips, allowing Murray to hit into empty court. 15-15.

But an awesome serve from Nole allows an easy volley for the point. 30-15. He serves out easily to take the game.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 2-2 Murray

Novak’s indifferent hitting continues, basically handing Murray 40-0. I wonder if they are both already looking at the third set breaker? A Murray-esq drop shot into the net from Djok gives Murray the game.


Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 2-1 Murray *

 Nole is still up and down, winning an easy first point then going for too much and slamming the ball into the net 15-15.

He reacts well, another easy point on serve.  Djovic hits the line and ball skips off it, Murray hits the ball a few centimetres too deep.  That’s the difference at the moment. 40-15 and Murray doesn’t seem interested in continuing this game and hits the return out.

*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 1-1 Murray

 Murray’s turn here and it’s 15-0 with a lovely serve –forehand combo.  30-0 in a point again dominated by Murray but you feel Nole doesn’t mind at the moment, he is just trying to make Murray run as much as possible.  40-15 as Nole nets, both players seem to be finding their rhythm again here at the beginning of the third. My advice? Bust a move.

Nole does just that to take it to 40-30 with a smash but Murray goes to the body with his serve and makes it 1-1

I really hope Castle and Lloyd stop taking about feet – do they have a fetish or something?

Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 1-0 Murray*

Murray is noticeably grimacing as he bounces on his feet.  The crowd noticeably grimaced when they saw his feet during that break. He goes for broke on a few shots here to start the third set misses one and makes one for 15-15.

Ace for Djok, 30-15. Kick-Serve volley 40-15. Ace game.


*Djokovic 6-7 (2) 7-6(3) 0-0 Murray

Right – what do you call de ja vu but completely the opposite way round? because that’s what those first two sets were.

Murray has the trainer on to look at what are his manky feet.  Djok, after looking apathetic and beaten at the start the of the second set is casually stretching off as if the match is about to start.

Welcome back!

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