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* – next to serve

Djokovic takes the Second set breaker

After that titanic rally, Murray dumps a backhand weakly into the net and that is that. One set all

*Djok 6-3Murray

for the first time all set Muzz loses a point on his first serve – but it was great play from Nole – one of the longest rallies. sh0uld Murray have come into the net on one of those forehands?

Djok 5-2Murray*

Service winner for Djok.

*Djok 4-2Murray

Djok consolidates as the serb piles on the pressure and Murray tries to go for it and misses.  Is Castle still talking about He-Man?

*Djok 3-2Murray

A white feather distracts Murray and he makes a double fault – break in concentration there for A-Mizzle. mini-break

Djok 2-2Murray

Djokovic  6–7; 6-6 Murray *


Murray starts with a service winner but then so does Djok.  Murray can’t get the same start as he did  in the first set breaker and nets for 2-1

Djokovic  6–7; 6-6 Murray *

Right, Murray wants a break here and changes tack, hitting a great approach shot and an easy volley.

But Djok senses danger and hits a couple of good approaches opf his own.  Murray can’t quite get either lob in so 30-15.

A woeful double fault there though from the Serb, into the middle of the net. 30-30.

But he follows that up with a great serve-forehand-smash combo.  Very up and down the serb in this set but he’s still in it and he takes it to the tie break with a backhand winner.

*Djokovic  6–7; 5-6 Murray

First serve in – point won.  It is that simple for Murray at the moment. But a second serve yields a longer rally and Djok is looking a little more aggressive.  Murray can’t get the ball back in play off a Nole forehand – 15-15. But responds with a 207km/h ace right down the T.  Another first serve and Murray stays on the offensive and Djok can’t keep up, netting for 40-15. Nole has Murray on the run this time and the Scot goes for too much on the cross court back hand – 40-30, but then Djok nets to give Murray the game.

The Serbe will serve to take it to a Tie Break.

Djokovic  6–7; 5-5 Murray *

Can Murray break here? That’s a good start with a great passing shot but a good serve and smash from Nole makes it 15-15.  Murray wasn’t far away from getting on the end of that smash.  You feel he is just one or two plays away from making the break through.  But Nole lathers, rinses, and repeats the serve-smash for 30-15.  Another gruelling rally and for once Nole comes out on top but boy did he have to work for it.

Still, 40-15.  No real break opportunities since Novak’s first game of the set. 5-5

Unforced error – winner differential, Djok 9-11 (-2) in second set, Murray 11-7 (+4)

Stat attack – Murray has not lost a point in the second set when his first serve has gone in.

*Djokovic  6–7; 4-5 Murray

Murray has two quick and easy first serve points – this is what was missing from set one.

30-0 and the roles are reversed in this set, but remember what happened in the tie break….

40-0 as Djok again misses on the second serve.  A double fault from Muzz but again he should  be safe at 40-15. And he is, Djok misses on the return again.

Djokovic  6–7; 4-4 Murray *

Right – does Murray mean business?  A great winner from well behind the baseline.  Castle-comment thinks Andy now has his game-face on.  It looks a lot like his normal face.

A couple of lines hit and Murray should win that point but he misses for 15-15.

An extraordinary point next, again Murray should win but some ‘unorthodox’ volleying from Djok sees him catch the line. A good first serve makes it 40-15 and a nice serve forehand one-two punch makes it four games all.

*Djokovic  6–7; 3-4Murray

Again Murray wins the longer rally. 15-0. It seems Nole can find the lines for the huge shots but not consistently in the longer rallies.  Murray takes 30-0 with a great down the line forehand.

Nole tries to abuse a second serve but smacks it into the net.

Murrays first double fault of the match makes it 40-15, not time to worry yet…. and no worry at all as he quickly wraps it up. 4-3

Djokovic  6–7; 3-3 Murray *

Service winner for 15-0.   Good point from Castle (you won’t hear me say that often)  Djok had already beaten Ferrer in the time this match has taken so far!

A net cord and a great pass from Muzz gives him 30-15.

But no opening for Muzz, as Nole engineers two net opportunities and smashes both winners. Game on.

*Djokovic  6–7; 2-3 Murray

15-15 after a late Nole challenge rialls Muzz up.

Then Nole goes just long and reacts with a spectacular left footed volley hitting the ball almost into the crowd. More Serbian frustration as he nets on the usually reliable backhand. 40-15  and it’s just not clicking for Djokie.

Game for Murray

Couldn’t have said it better myself Hev

Djokovic  6–7; 2-2 Murray*

Quickly to 15-15, Nole very hit and miss at the moment.  That’s a hit right there – ACE. 30-15

And again, 40-15.  Nole is continuing the way he finished he last service game.  But now it’s Murray’s turn to ravage a second serve.

That might be a theme in this second set, both men trying to take more of an advantage of the second serve. Nole fires long to bring up Deuce but Murray nets to hand the adv to Nole – literally.

A big first serve helps Djokie hold. 2-2

In some kind of pundit empathy, Boris is trying to help Castle out:

“The player who wins the last point usually wins the set” – was a truer word ever spoken?

*Djokovic  6–7; 1-2 Murray

Two big first serves help Andy take it to 30-0.  However Djok climbs all over a second serve for a quick winner. 30-15. Murray will have to be careful if Djok is going to start taking advantage of these second serves.  Murray goes for too much on the back hand and missed wide, 30-30.

Followed by an ace, right down the middle. Another good first serve followed by forehand to the corner. Game Muzz. Neeewwwww Balllsssss Pleassssse

Djokovic  6–7; 1-1 Murray *

0-15 as Djok is looking limp and lifeless.

Second  serve… Murray soaks up all Djok can give and then Nole goes long.


Same again, Nole goes long. 0-40 and Murray’s first break points of the match!

Another second serve… this time Djok wins as Murray misses but he’s having to play a lot of shots.

Was that Murray’s chance? He unloads on a mid court backhand but just misses. 30-40, is he letting his rival off the hook?

Good play from Djok – brave but good. Another volley for Deuce.

Very good from Djok – down the line forehand which gives Muzz no chance.  It’s like he has woken up, but Murray gave him the chance to with that missed backhand.

Murray gets it back to Deuce, will he get another chance? Return is out so adv Djok.

Great point, big hitting from both men, but Djok outlasts murray who can’t do anything with the serb’s drop shot.

I hope Any isn’t going to rue those missed chances.

The serb barely seemed to try for that last serve, just wafting a racket at it. That’s right – wafting.

Big game, can Djokie bounce back?

*Djokovic  6–7; 0-1 Murray

Murray to serve first and he goes to 15-0 with a rare foray to the net, only his sixth of the match.

Nole finding the lines again but Murray seemingly able to cope better now, and then the serb doesn’t find the line and goes long. 30-0

The Djoker is smiling at the moment, he looks demoralised and that point isn’t going to help. A huge cross court backhand and Djok goes down the line and misses.  Insult to injury Murray wins with an ACE.

Shout out for Castle-comment of the first set – Murray is a ‘He-Man’ – can you see the scot as Master of the universe? wearing only Y-fronts and a battle chest plate.  think about that ladies….

Murray wins first set Tiebreak 7-2

Wild forehand from Nole who knew it was out as soon as he hit it. 5-1

It would be an exaggeration to say a complete turn around here but it certainly has not followed the trend of the set.

Great serve and forehand combo from the scot for 6-1. Five set points.

The serb isn’t done yet – that backhand that wobbled earlier hits a fine line drive.

Another second serve though….and Nole goes long on a fore hand, first set one 7-2 on the breaker.

Djok 1-4 Muzz

Great defence from the serb but too good from Murray.  Then a great call from the Ump who calls a Nole shot out despite no call from the line judge.

Murray has stepped up a gear here.

Nole can’t find a first serve, but does get his first point, or does he.  Nole smashes very close to the line…. but on the line.

Djok 0-3 Muzz

Out from Djok, Murray taking control here, but only one min break

Djok 0-2 Muzz

Brilliant from Murray, big ground strokes

Djok 0-1 Muzz

Oooooooooo – if the first double fault came at a bad time, this one could harldy have been worse.

*Djokovic 6 – 6 Murray

Good defence from Murray after a second serve and eventually Novak wilts and hits into the middle of the net.

Murray having the better of long base line rallies, but will that last the match? Easy 3 set win in the semis for the serb remember compared with Andy’s 5 set epic against fed.

Unforced error from Murray makes it 15 all.

Another second serve, Djok takes control and Andy misses on the pass. 15-30.  Dangerous times again.

Net cord from Djok and it drops back onto his own side – could have gone either way but it’s 30-30.

Finally a first serve and despite a good block return Nole then misses with his second back hand in a row. Another first serve wins the game – tie break.

Djokovic 6 – 5 Murray *

Another shot hits the line from Djokie. 15-0  Easy stuff this for the serb, who makes Murray run and finishes with a smash.  88% of second serves won for Djokie, and he’s hit less of them..40-0 and looking comfortable.  But then Djok’s first double fault but what better time for it?

Game Djokie.  Pressure on Murray now.

*Djokovic 5 – 5 Murray

Huge game here for Muzz, a Djokie error gives him 15-0.  But then Nole takes over the next point and wins when Murray misses with a desperate lob. 15-15.  A good first serve, unreturned makes it 30-15.

Much better from Murray, making Nole run who then nets with this first shot standing still. 40-15.

Poor second serve which Nole climbs all over but good defence gets Murray back in the set and wins with a serb-seeking-missile (a passing shot hit straight at Djokovic.)

stat attack – First serve Nole 80% to Murray’s 64%. Winners 10-7. break points, Nole 0/5, Murray 0/0.

Nole doing much better at the net 9/10, Muzz 3/5 but avoiding it at all costs!

Djokovic 5 – 4 Murray *

Huge groans from the crowd and all British tennis fans as a patented middle-of-the-net Murray drop shot wastes a good chance. But Nole hits a shot wide for 15-15.

Murray returns the favour for 30-15. 40-15 as Murray finds the net off some good Nole hitting.

Then Nole hits the net with Murray on the run.  A slight drop in level in this game. Nole leads unforced errors 14-10.

Then the ump overrules an out call on Djokie’s serve. Game for the serb.

*Djokovic 4 – 4 Murray

0-15 for Nole after another net from Andy.  First serve in and Nole eventually finds the net but no easy point for Muzz. 15-15.

A miss followed by a good first serve brings us to 30-30. A rare easy point for the Scot.

Djokovic stops mid rally to correctly challenge a Murray shot.  It looked wide, it was wide.  Muzz looks like he knew. Break point again.

Murray plays one of his best points, good serve, good forehand, drive volley winner. Deuce.

Similar again, Murray dominating some points for a change. Adv Murray.

And for a third time.  Game Murray

Djokovic 4 – 3 Murray*

0-15, Nole goes wide. Can Murray capitalize on the Serbs disappointment?

This is the last game with the new balls so they should be slower but you can’t tell that from how Djok is hitting them. 15-15.


Fantastic point, great defence from Murray, Djok slips and hits the ball from the floor, Muzz has a drive volley for the win but Djok guesses the right way. A-maz-ing. 30-15.

More running from Murray, but in the end, resistance is futile. 40-15.

Game with a fine serve and smash.

*Djokovic 3 – 3 Murray

0-15, not a lot wrong from Murray there but he comes to the net and is beaten by a superb pass. Then a poor shot into the net from Muzz makes it 0-30.


Nole gets in a great return to a rare Murray first serve.  The serb dominates but misses on a big forehand to make it 15-30.

Another second serve, a back-and-forth rally but lots of pressure on Muzz who eventually goes long. 15-40, double break point, the first of the match. Another second serve, this time Novak goes wide but Murray needs some easy service points.  He won his previous two games with ease but the warning signs were there.

Another second serve, but good play from Murray gets him back to Deuce.

Noticeable he resisted coming to the net there, having won only 1 of 3 approaches.

Another second serve (yes I am just copying and pasting that now) – Murray doing all the running, but can’t defend forever. Adv Djok and another break point. The Djoker returns a good first serve but then nets. Deuce.

Out from Murray for adv Djok.  So many of the Serbs shots are within a foot of the baseline.

What a point again, Murray dominates but Nole finds the baseline, Murray does well to get some angle on the shot and Djoker nets.  Deuce again and Murray produces a good serve for an easy point. And ACE! Game. No, Djok is challenging……. clearly in, almost half the ball on the line….

Big Big hold

Djokovic 3 – 2 Murray *

30-0 with two service winners for The Djoker.

Murray gets into and keeps himself into the third point, eventually Nole pushes it wide. 30-15.

Nole then nets to make it 30-30, for Andy’s first look-in on the Serb’s serve.

He has a chance on the second serve but Nole unleashes a couple of forehand bombs to make it 40-30. But then Djok misses a fairly easy forehand drive volley. Deuce. Another drive volley and Djok does little with it after missing the previous one but Murray nets with his opponent at the net and at his mercy.

Rally of the match.  Bombs from both players, Murray to the net, good volley but Nole reaches and finds the corner.

*Djokovic 2 – 2 Murray

First serve for Murray which brings him to the net and puts away the smash. 15-0.  The first longer rally of the match which Nole dumps into the net. But if Murray doesn’t start getting more first serves, Nole will start tee-ing off.

40-0 with a good first serve putting him in command, and as if by magic, an ace. 2-2

some first serves please Mr Murray

Djokovic 2 – 1 Murray *

The pair exchange the first two points. 15-15. Novak finally finds his range and hits with a big one which Murray can’t get back in 30-15. And again for 40-15, Novak starting to fire.

He tried the same thing for a third time but this time Murray gets to the big hit and equals it, going back behind Nole for the point. 40-30.  Nole responds with an ace which Muzz challenges. It’s good. Game.

*Djokovic 1 – 1 Murray

15-0, As Nole goes long, just about even on the longer rallies so far. Nole long again for 30-0 for no first serve for Muzz yet.  Second serve again but it’s a good’un and Nole is long with the return.

Muzz wraps it up to love, Nole finding his range.

Djokovic 1 – 0 Murray *

Excellent start for Murray, dominates first point and wins with a big forehand. Djokie strikes back (just like the Empire) with an Ace. And then another great serve which is essentially a winner. 30-15.

Murray nets to make it 40-15. A good second serve wraps up the first game.

Nole to serve


BBC commentators picks: Becker takes Muzz in 4 sets, Lloyd likes Nole’s endurance to win it


To my friend, Mark ‘The Wall’ Whalley, who has £40 riding on Nole – I hope you loss.  But then I think you do too!


First victory to Andy! He wins the toss and chooses to receive


Mixed feelings – I’d like to listen to Ross Hutchins’ comments on Eurosport, but I do like the complete and utter rubbish that comes out of Andrew Castle’s pie hole……


Players just coming out on court.  Muzz first, Nole second. Huge cheers for both but especially Nole.


Prediction from Ken Skupski:


I’ll be giving you the scores here as quickly as possible as well as any thoughts and interesting comments from twitter


Good morning Sports fans!!!

Well done to those of you up early this Sunday morning to see these two tennis phenoms go toe to toe for the Australian open title.

Novak is looking to become the first man to win three successive Australian titles since 1967.

Andy is looking to become the first man to follow his first ever grand slam title with another title in the next slam.